Top 14 Drag & Drop Bootstrap Theme Builders

Layoutit: Clean drag and drop bootstrap theme developer. You should already have some CSS and HTML and responsive design experience to use this tool. FREE.

Eden UI: Minimalist drag and drop boostrap template builder. Loaded with some clean and professional looking web components to quickstart template development. Paid. Start at $22 for the builder.

Mobirise: A popular bootstrap website builder. Loaded with a few professional web components. Additional components can be bought from their marketplace. Download for Windows and Mac. Free.

Bootstrap Studio: Desktop APP for designing websites using Bootstrap Framework. Paid. $25 lifetime license. Some nice and sleek looking web components included in the builder. Paid/Commercial. Starts at $14.95 /month.

Ultimate Blocks: Block based HTML drag and drop, Bootstrap theme builder. Paid / Commercial.License costs $24.

Pinegrow: Powerful drag and drop theme builder that allows you to create themes based on Bootstrap, Foundation or even plain vanilla HTML. Paid / Commercial. License starts from $39.

Jetstrap: Web based responsive Bootstrap interface builder. Paid / Commercial. Starts at $14 for single developer license.

BootGear: Another drag drop Bootstrap theme builder. Not many variations in blocks. Paid/ Commercial. Cost $28 for regular license.

Draggie: Preloaded with 16 Bootstrap themes to chose from. Paid/Commercial. $49 /year license fee.

Pingendo: Comes in 2 varieties – online app and desktop app. The great part is – it is free! So grab it while it is still in beta!

Blocks Bootstrap Builder: Simple drag and drop builder. Loaded with 100+ blocks and 25+ web templates. Pricing starts from $39 for basic license.

Rapid Moon: Fast Bootstrap Interface builder. Web based platform. Signup for their beta testing.

Landing: Drag and Drop Bootstrap based page builder with export / import functionality with 9 Bootstrap templates. Paid / Commercial. License at $14.

Top 22 Image Sharing Sites to Find FREE Stock Images for Commercial Use

Why pay when you can have it free? Take your pick from the list below.

Stock Up: Free Stock Image aggregator and search engine. Pulls and shows images with Creative Commons and Creative Commons Zero licenses, which basically translates to Free for Commercial Use – attribution needed in some cases.

Pexels: Collection of royalty free stock images from various sites as well as user uploads. Only drawback is the limited size options for an image. No attribution needed.

Freepiks: Huge collection of free stock images. Distributed under Creative commons license, so can be used for commercial projects but may require attribution to original author.

Pixabay:  One of my favorites. Multiple image sizes that can be used for any commercial project. Attribution needed for some images.

Unsplash: High resolution images makes  this one of the most useful websites for free stock images. Big collection on nature related images. Creative commons zero license means you can use images for anything commercial.

Visual Hunt: High quality stock images. Can be used in commercial projects. Some images have non-commercial license.

StockSnap: Hundreds of high resolution images. Free from copyright restrictions.

Raum Rot: Some top and modern looking imagery there. Suitable for modern websites. They have photo sets based on themes which makes it easy to check out entire set in one go and download. Free for commercial use. No attribution required.

Super Famous: Limited number of stock images themed around nature. Creative common license with attribution applied – meaning, you have to attribute to source images in your end product.

Picjumbo: Collection of Free and Premium stock images. Some images need attribution. Their premium collection offers more high resolution images.

IamCreator Free: Rather smallish collection of high quality stock images. Some good images on beauty and fashion niche. Navigation is a bit confusing. Attribution need to use their images.

Gratiosgraphy: Small collection of high resolution images. Free to use in commercial projects. Offered under Creative Commons Zero license.

Morgue Files: Images are pretty ordinary, but for free what more can you ask for?! Free for commercial usage with attribution. Offered under Creative Commons license.

Picography: Collection of average quality images. License terms are not clear, but they mention that images can be used for commercial projects.

Jai Mantri: Collection of high quality images from a famous Californian designer Jai Mantri. Free to use in commercial projects without attribution. Creative Commons zero license.

Yeah Stock Photos: Image quality is average. But hey, it is free! Free for commercial use without attribution.

Vintage: Vintage graphics from public domain. Copyright free.

MMT: Collection of mostly average quality and some high quality images. Free for commercial use under Creative Commons Zero license, no attribution.

Free Nature Stock: Free Nature Stock images by designer, developer Adrian Pelltier. Offered under Creative Commons Zero license. Free to use in commercial projects.

New Old Stock: Vintage images from public archives. Free from copyright restrictions.

ISO Creative: High quality free images. Abstract and nature focused. Free for commercial use. Has a premium option with more high quality images.

Life of Pix: Free high resolution images.