Best Online Platforms to Sell your Courses

List of online marketplaces to sell your online courses.

Udemy: From programming to photography, teach any subject and earn serious money. Free to register and create courses. But it takes 50% of revenue for each lead. If you do the marketing and bring students on your own, you can keep up to 97% of revenue.

Simplilearn: Online marketplace of courses. You can apply to be an instructor. They have a revenue sharing model with their instructor.

Skillbear: Sign up as an Instructor and upload course videos. Skillbear will market your course and provide you with a subscriber report. You get paid on a monthly basis.

Ulearning: Register and become an instructor. Create of import your online courses. They do all the marketing. You get to keep 50% on each course sold.

Learn It Live: Teach learners in live video sessions and earn money. You can sell courses via their public marketplace. They collect payments and manage all the accounting for you. You get paid montly.

OfCourse: Apply to be an instructor. Create online video courses on lifestyle and self improvement topics and get paid. They do not have payment information publicly available, so you have to contact them to know rates.

Coggno: It is a marketplace for selling courses. You can sell your courses for a fee of $34.95/month plus a % of sales. You will get dedicated domain and webshop for selling.

Opensesame: Marketplace to sell your online courses. No upfront fees but they keep 50% of your revenue.

Skill Share: Skillshare is a learning platform to share/teach your skills and earn money. As a teacher you can start free. Unlike majority of such platforms, pricing for your classes is controlled by Skillshare. and they pay you when you cross a certain number of students in your class.

Lynda: Primarily for institutions that want to train their employees through videos / webinars. But you can also apply to be an instructor with them and earn extra income.

360 Training: A marketplace of online courses. Sign up to create an sell your online courses and rarn 30% for on-demand courses and upto 50% for regular courses.

Unanth: Apply to teach. Create courses using their free tools. Earn 96% on self promoted courses and 50% on courses promoted by Unanth.

Eduonix: Apply to become an instructor at Eduonix. While you cannot sell courses directly, they do offer option for direct course payment or course bonuses with royalty.

Skill Success: You can create courses on a variety of topics including business, music, personal development and more. Compensation is provided when they accept your course. To learn rates and more, apply to be an instructor.