Cloud Hosting Explained – Definition, Architecture, Pros & Cons

**What is cloud hosting**

Cloud hosting is part of a larger architecture of online distributed systems used to provide hosting and computing services to individual and businesses on a pay as you go basis.

It is a server and network infrastructure, using a cluster of resources where data is spread across several physical or virtual machines.

**How cloud hosting works**

Cloud hosting architecture.

**Types of cloud hosting**

public cloud vs private cloud
managed vs unmanaged cloud hosting
a network of interconnected virtual and physical servers

What are the advantages of cloud hosting?
Fail safe
Easy scaling
Balances the load
Maximizes uptime
flexibility and scalability
resources scale to user needs
pay only for resources you use

What are the differences between cloud and regular hosting

What are the different types of cloud hosting

Is cloud hosting secure
Pros and cons of cloud hosting

What is better – cloud or vps hosting

Cheap cloud hosting services